Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Last post

Well Naz,
It looks like that squeaker can stay on your handlebars.
Monsieur Gaulier spoke to me the other day and said that I had to stop writing in class, I asked him if I could write at home, he said... Non!
Far be it fro me to disagree with a genius, so I won't.
I have to learn to get more in my body and out of my head and all this reflection is keeping me stuck in there.
So, no more notebook, no more blog; what i need i will remember and what i don't remember doesn't matter.
If one day you see me on stage then you will know that it was goood advice and if you don't, well then you obviously go to see boring theatre.
Shame that I can't write this anymore, the secrets of school will stay with those who are here.

Au revoir


Thanks for reading

M.C. Donut

1 comment:

  1. 1. Noooooo!
    2. I hope you get what you need and have a fantastic time at the school. Thanks for what you have shared with us.
    3. Merde, does this mean I should stop blogging too?