Wednesday, November 30, 2011

what are you doing here, you should belearning your lines

I was in a bad mood today, i don't know why but part way through movement I didn't want to be there. We were working in small choral groups and when it was my turn to lead I really didn't want to.
Maybe I'm just tired.
It is exhausting doing the 2 years at once.
Neutral Mask followed the same structure as previous classes, with Philippe trying to get us to play with the rhythm of snakes and ants.
As a group we aren't cut out for serpeants, Philippe told me that I reminded him of a python that had eaten a whole cow.
We are moving into a new stage of the workshop as we begin to work on text.
I want to get off script soon, Julia and I are working on the final scene from Medea. I have no idea how we will work it with Philippe I am excited about it though, I just want to be word perfect. Its strange I normally learn on my feet in the rehearsal room , i remember my first time round at drama school feeling slightly envious of my classmate Aled who seemed to pick lines up very quickly, its always taken me a bit of time, so to try and go in already off script will be a callenge but i get the impression he'll kick us off if we aren't bob on with the text.
In fact thats where i'm off to now, to try and learn some script.

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