Thursday, October 20, 2011


Just a quick one tonight folks, it's getting late and I still have a lot of sewing to do.
Thanks to the wonderful Carman I think that the home made Obelix costume now looks likely to be finished within a week.

Okay so todays learning.

The pleasure to speak, to play with the echo in a cave, I've read about this exercise but never quite understood it and as with most things about Monsieur G, you have to be with him to experience the magic.
A chorus of 7 play the echobehind an actor who tries to have fun with the voice to give an impulse so that the echo can play.
Flat sounds, words without inflection and short vowels left nothing hanging in the air to be played with. Not surprising when the echo gives up or shuts up.
Aaron surprised today with his Braveheart burst of "FreeeeeeeedoooooooooOOOOOOOM!" The nymphs of echo for the first time in the session suddenly had something to play with and they did. Enjoying the impulse of the game between them and he.
Lovely to see.

I got up sang, played and had a lot of pleasure to play in this one, I seem to be of the mindset at the moment in le jeu that at some point I am going to fail so best try and have as good a time as I can whilst I'm up there.

A big flop today, the game was simple.
7 people in the space with a ball. Monsieur Gaulier plays music and the clowns dance. 2 of them have a moment of complicity between each other the ball is thrown from one to the other. The person who receives the ball looks at the audience and has to do something to save the show.
As normal some good stuff and some bad, non not bad just boring.
Me, today I fall into the second category.
I got the ball, I felt the pleasure rise and I started to take in the audience and then either fear or lack of ideas started me spiralling down and down.
Nothing came, its funny because I can feel the audience waiting for something to happen butr they won't for ever and Monsieur G certainly won't.
The inevitable banging of the drum.
I turned and waited for his comments.

Not a saucisson.

Its a bit like having a parent tell you they are disappointed.

Left me with stuff to think about though.
What is it that stops me from entering the moment, from embracing the unknown, leaves me stuck in the space without my imagination or creativity?

I don't know.

An artistic crisis maybe.

Non, it is not a crisis, there are too many of them in the world today, this is a blip, it will pass, and when it does I will shine.

Watch me.

Just remember to bring your sunglasses.

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