Friday, October 28, 2011

Good idea, bad execution

Okay, just a quick one tonight.
After last Fridays praise Dan and I tried auditioning the number to present it tomorrow night at the opening party for the school.
Erm... we're a long way off.
A very long way off.
Like he said before the idea was good but it needs lots of work.
Some brief hints from el monsieur, the relationship is not strong enough.
If Dan is the tall idiot then I need to be the brains behind the operation, I want thge number to be a brilliant illusion for the audience and when dan funks it up I have to get annoyed at him whilst pretending that everything is going to plan as far as the audience are concerned.
Complicity, we didn't spend any seconds trying to contact each other to see how we could play together this time so the number was just choreography and lacked life.
Dah! You mean we have to live on stage, really live, bah, I wish someone had told me that years ago.
Needless to say we were not selected, not professional enough!

I tried a speech from Richard III in class too, first up Boring, but Philippe asked Michiko to dirty me up, she came over slapped me a few times, bound my arms, my head, made me kneel down and she put a skirt on me. Philippe got me to spit and smile, laugh like an upperclass twit with a metallic voice and hey presto, our first glimpse of bouffon.

I hope i can get funding to come back later in the year, it will be fun that one.

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