Monday, October 31, 2011

To tell or not to tell that is the question

21:41 on Monday evening, eating pate and crusty bread for dinner listening to jazz on the radio, could i get much more french?
Did I mention I,m wearing a beret, a breton jumper and smoking Gauloises?
There is a slight stiffness in my neck from movement class, today we played with prat falls over the back of a chair, we began first with backward rolls ending with us slapping our hands on the floor to create the all important slamming sound and sell the fall theatrically, okay stage & complete but when it came to the chair my first attempt saw me crashing backwards and staying sat in the chair with the back of the chair on the floor, erm this isn't what Claude showed us, bugger.
Attempt number 2 I do manage to roll back but also simultaneously wind myself in the process, merde, I want to get this but Claude has called next and I'm left to contemplate rolling over my shoulder rather than going flat on the back.
A little later Marie slams the back of her head into the mat and Claude changes the exercise, she is dizzy and it hurts when she moves her neck, she is the youngest in the class and my big brother instinct kicks in, we take her out of class and downstairs, everybody has a different idea about what she should do, eventually we call an ambulance, all the while she is apologising for taking people out of class, she's so very English. I would like to do a longer slapstick course at some point, I think it could be valuable for myself as a performer but also for future students, I think that other people would be interested in this as a workshop, I am, but why do I never hear of people running them in the U.K.?

Not too much to tell about class today, I think I need to process what happened before i splurge it here, hopefully when I do I'll have good stuff to say.
A demain

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