Thursday, November 17, 2011

black is the colour

Not a lot to report tonight apart from that in neutral mask we played with the rhythm of oil cooking chips and colours.
Part of me was resistant to playing with the abstract movement of colours, how does blue move?
This is the kind of question my HEAD asks and yet theone that my body doesn't need to because it instinctively knows.
Damn you head, why do you have to keep getting in the way.
I discovered something with the colour black.
It led me somewhere new.
I liked it.

where else will the image of something lead me?
I don't know but then isn't that why I'm here? To discover new approaches and new ways to mine creativity.
As Philippe said, "You have to discover something through something, not from yourself."
He laso talked about there being a distance between the actor and the character, can't wait to find out what this means.
I want to be led to more new places,
come on colours take me there.

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