Monday, November 14, 2011

Today we played with glue, to be more precise the rhythm of glue, Philippe said;
"Mak, push too much."
I sensed that this was what he was going to say and yet I still don't quite understand, my voice was gravelly as glue, its been gravelly quite a few times in the workshops since I started in October and I can't quite connect voice and body together so I force the words out from my throat and there are little surprises for me.
How do I relax? That is my question and task.
Mark 5 was great today playing with glue, his face changed as did his voice and rhythm.
After Mark 5 was up Philippe turned to me and said:
"Your question last week about, was the neutral mask just used for tragedy, ah non, you see you would not use this material for tragedy but it could be very funny for comedy, no? With this you could have a lot of fun."
So I have to master glue or nuttella (actually judging by my currant waist line Nuttella is mastering me, what was that old ya mama joke about falling over and bleeding gravy? yeah something like that)

Strange to not take the notepad in but I'm going to give it a go, yes today again I felt more attentive in class and I hope this will continue console myself with Philippe's words, "what you need you will remember".

What is do remember from today is experiencing the realisation that I can't be good at everything, i don't mean that in an arrogant way rather I should accept that I can't and instead of beating myself up when I'm not or an exercise doesn't go "well" I have to say okay so glue is not my material, neither are fire water or air my elements but just wait till we get to jelly.

Clown I enjoyed clown today we did an exercise coming forward to know if we were loved or not.
I went forward slowly making eye contact with the audience and though I didn't do anything spectacular I felt I was sensitive and that is something I've been lacking for a while.

Dan was brilliant today, the same exercise but he had a lot of fun and at one point the words, I can't do anything wrong escaped his mouth and he was right, we loved him and he couldn't do anything wrong, oh to get there. 5 weeks left and apparently the final week is show week so 4 weeks left really to discover something. Come on clown where are you hiding?

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