Friday, November 11, 2011


yes as the title suggests, bugger,
forgot to do todays post in time so i guess Naz won't owe me the squeeker that was the carrot for these continuous bloggings.
Not a lot to tell at this moment cept that I'm currently watching weapon of choice on youtube, my what a mint video.
Oh and a wee message to Tunde, first of all thanks for your msg of encouragement plus this, today i misplaced my rucksack just before for neutral mask class, it had my notepad in it, which i;ve been constantly scribbling in since this journey began and i had a mild panic about it, but eventually i settled into being in the space, feeling a little naked without that paper skin and ink cloth (yes i still think I'm some sort of poet). Philippe spotted that i wasn't writing and commented on the fact saying that he felt there was nopoint in writing in class, that we would remember what we needed and forget what we didn't. And you know what i was more attentive in class than I have been so far on the course, so, Tunde, if you take apen and paper in with you, don't. Trust that what you needwill stick with you and what you don;t remember didn't strike you as necessary.

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  1. Wow, you can see me as well as me being able to see you! It's like magic!
    My fellow new students to the LISPA second years: Should we be taking notes?
    Second years: The teachers all told us that "the body remembers" and we wouldn't need notes , but now we are pissed off that we can't remember what we did a year ago.
    As it turns out I can't get anything useful down in class anyway, so I abandoned my notebook in the first week and now just see what has stuck with me by the time I get home.
    I will be smugly reporting your findings to my fellow students.
    The more naked the better, surely.
    But I will miss the verbatim Gaulier-transcripts.